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Resource Contact Description
Family Support Group 236-3770
[email protected]
The aim of the Family Support Group is to nurture you as a caregiver by bringing families together to provide free, completely confidential support and understanding for one another.
Mental Health First Aid Course 239-1182
[email protected]
The goal of the Mental Health First Aid training course is to provide people with the resources to help those experiencing a mental health problem and to guide them to the appropriate professional help. Dr Shawnee Basden 239-1182 Location: 44 Devon Springs Road, Devonshire FL 01 Mental Health First Aid Course Information and 2023 Registration Form
EAP Courses 441-292-9000
[email protected]
EAP Trainings 22 Church Street, Fourth Street, Unit 412, Hamilton, HM11. Train a small group of managers or your entire staff, all Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Bermuda training can be geared to groups of all sizes. Plan a trip to the EAP training office or let us come to you.