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Board Members


Since its incorporation in 1994 The Bermuda Mental Health Foundation has provided housing for people with identified mental health disabilities, to enable them to live and work in the community and enjoy a better quality of life. We currently operate three communal homes with space for twenty clients and recently acquired a fourth home that will operate as a supervised transition residence for eight additional service users.

In addition to housing, the Foundation has become more active on mental health advocacy. In particular the Foundation has instituted the Mindful Employers Certification program that assists employers to develop mentally healthy workplaces. The Foundation organized a virtual conference on mental health issues last year which saw over 300 participants, including overseas online viewers from the USA, Canada and the UK. More information on these and other initiatives can be found on this website.

We continue to see an increase in interest in mental health issues which we believe will lead to an improvement in awareness, which we hope the Foundation’s actions will facilitate.

The Foundation aims to do all of this in a financially efficient manner in collaboration with various community partners.

Our thanks to all who have supported the Foundation over the years and we look forward to working with you over the years to come.


  • James Macdonald – Chairman
  • Donald Scott – Deputy Chairman, Secretary
  • Barbara Belton-Brown
  • Tim Berry
  • Annie Richardson
  • Preston Swan
  • Karla Looby (Alternate for Preston Swan)
  • Scott Pearman (Alternate for Preston Swan)
  • Sharon Smith – Treasurer