The Mindful Employer Certification (MEC) Program is an initiative that seeks to challenge, highlight, and cultivate company cultures that put mental health as a workplace priority. The Mindful Employer Certification ensures that employers are in compliance with existing legislation while challenging them to develop, implement, or enhance sound policies and practices around mental health. The MEC Program begins with a baseline assessment of your company’s existing policies and practices and measures them against a set of key standards aimed at fostering a mentally healthy workplace.   By providing a grading system, certificates, and badges, your Mindful Employer Certification provides your organization with a tangible way of making a strong statement about your commitment to your staff’s mental wellness.

The Mindful Employer Certification can help your organization:
  • Increase productivity and foster a healthier work environment
  • Increase the retention and engagement of valued employees
  • Decrease the impact of disability
  • Strengthen a company’s brand by linking to a cause that resonates with many employees


  • Promote a mentally healthy environment, one workplace at a time
  • Increase mental health awareness
  • Eliminate stigma around workplace mental health
  • Develop and support mindful workforces through training
  • Provide resources for employees who may require mental health support


  • Certificate from the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation recognizing your Designation, whether at Gold, Silver or Bronze level
  • Listed on the BMHF website and Social Media as a Mindful Employer
  • A formal badge to include in communications indicating your designation
  • Acknowledgment at formal BMHF and Bermuda HR Association events held periodically
  • Discount on all training delivered by the BMHF


  • Ability to work in a mentally friendly work environment
  • Increased job performance
  • Reduce stress and work-related anxiety