I have served on the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation’s board for a number of years and was recently appointed its Chairman. As such I am eager to have the Foundation increase its role in the Community especially in this time of need for so many people.

As is the case for many charitable organisations, the Foundation has been adversely affected by the difficult economic times. While we have maintained the operation of our two existing group homes, we have not been able to implement a number of new initiatives we had planned. However we now seek to change that situation and in particular will be working to enhance our role as advocates for the mentally ill, to improve our activities in educating the public on mental health matters and to establish a third group home.

For a variety of reasons, those suffering from mental illness are among the most vulnerable in society and as such need significant assistance. We work with many others in seeking to provide such assistance. But we need the generosity of the public to accomplish these goals.

The Foundation’s rebranding campaign is the first step towards achieving these objectives as it will increase the awareness in the community of the Foundation and allow us to explain in a clear and convincing way that we plan to achieve our objectives. My fellow directors and I hope this will lead to the needed support from the community.

  • James Macdonald – Chairman
  • Barbara Belton-Brown
  • Tim Berry
  • Donald Scott- Deputy Chairman
  • Michelle Scott Outerbridge – Secretary
  • Annie Richardson
  • Preston Swan
  • Karla Looby (Alternate to Preston Swan)
  • Scott Pearman (Alternate to Preston Swan)
  • Sharon Smith -Treasurer
  • Lady Waddington
  • Dr. Norma Astwood
  • The Late Dr. Stanley Ratteray
  • Warren Cabral
  •  Jeremy Lodge
  • Dr. Gavin Tennent
  • Stanley Chetkowski
  • Christine Barritt
  • The late Louis Grant
  • Dr. Eugene Harvey
  • Jennifer Masefield
  • Joan Dillas Wright
  • Zoe Butt
  • Patricia Calnan
  • Liz Mason
  • Michael Collier
  • Russell De Moura
  • The late Mary Jane Coelho
  • Dr. Jane Crerar
  • Harold Conyers
  • Karen Duffy
  • Kristina Dunkle
  • John Johnson
  • Elizabeth Tee
  • Angela Young
  • Katie Barker
  • The late Chris Tuckett (Alternate to Patrice Dill)
  • Eddie Dyer
  • Patrice Dill
  • Ottiwell Simmons
  • Winston Rogers
  • Glenn Caisey
  • Guy Fowle
  • Jodi Lewis
  • Catherine Sousa