Bermuda Mental Health Foundation is a Bermuda Registered Charity #394

Sheltering Our Way Old.

In an effort to sustain and improve the support for Bermuda’s mentally ill population, the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation will be hosting its first annual “Sheltering Our Way Fundraiser” event and we are looking for participants.

“Sheltering Our Way” is a month long fundraising event that was created to give participants the opportunity to experience being homeless in Bermuda for 12 hours. It is the goal of the campaign to increase awareness about the plight of those in Bermuda’s mentally ill population who currently struggle to locate safe and decent accommodation.

Each participant will be required to pay an entry fee of $350.00. Participants will then be given the task of encouraging others to support the cause by purchasing items that will make their 12 hours of ‘homelessness’ more comfortable.

Participants will be placed in different locations around the City of Hamilton and will document their experience through video recording and journaling. It is the intent to see if we can make their experiences live so their supporters can track their progress.
There will be a large public relations and media campaign to support the initiative and there will be a post-mortem talk show (reunion show) to discuss the participant’s experiences and lessons learned.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this experience, please contact Jodi Lewis via e-mail at Please note that we will have a dedicated website, video team, security and volunteers working with us throughout the span of the campaign.

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