Portland Lane Press Release

Posted on August 1, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Bermuda Mental Health Foundation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Jodi Lewis

Phone: (441) 705-2816

E-mail: info@bmhf.bm



Hamilton, Bermuda (June 28, 2016)- Over the past several months, the Bermuda

Mental Health Foundation embarked on a project to renovate a property located on

Portland Lane in Somerset. After months of construction, the Foundation is pleased

to announce that the property is finally completed and moving into the next phase,

which is outfitting the property. The Foundation currently owns two mental health

residential facilities and works with Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute to ensure that

our mentally ill population has adequate living accommodations within the


The Foundation is appealing to the community to donate items needed to complete

the final stage. The property includes two apartments and can accommodate 5

residents. Please see a list of some of the requested items below:

1. 5 twin bed

2. 2 living room sets

3. 2 washers and 2 dryers

4. Sheets / Blankets

5. Curtains

6. Kitchenware

7. 2 stoves

8. Towels and wash cloths

9. 2 dining room sets

10. 2 entertainment units

11. Storm Kits (Hurricane Prep Kits)

12. 2 computers

13. 2 computer tables

If you would like to donate your slightly used items to the Bermuda Mental Health

Foundation, please e-mail Melissa@jdlewsigroup.com. If you have any additional

questions about this or any of our other initiatives, please email info@bmhf.bm or

call 400-5634.