Mental Health Court Receives Support

Posted on August 1, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Mental Health Court plans receive support. This is wonderful news! The staff at Bermuda’s Mental Health Court have done a fantastic job with organizing a program that is beneficial to those who suffer with mental illness and find themselves in the judicial system.

Retrieved from The Royal Gazette:

Legislation to create a mental health treatment court and two new quangos have been approved by the Senate with broad support.

The Criminal Code Amendment Act 2016 will formally create a mental health court, solidifying a successful pilot programme launched in 2013.

Meanwhile, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority Act 2016 and the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority Act 2016 lay the framework for two new quangos, which will be responsible for the island’s aircraft and shipping registries respectively.

OBA senator Georgia Marshall, who introduced the Criminal Code Amendment Act, said she believed the legislation would meet the dual goal of protecting the public while working to ensure that those who need assistance will receive it.


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