How Employers Obtain a Certificate?

Employers interested in obtaining either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Certification can do so by following the following steps:

1.    Submit an application by visiting

2.    Pay the application fee

3.    Submit the requested documentation

A BMHF representative will review your submission and provide feedback as to which category your organization falls into. The Foundation will also work with organizations that do not meet the minimum criteria and help them where needed to achieve their desired level.

Criteria Segments
  • Organizational Framework
  • Organizational Policies
  • Organizational Resources

The Standard

The Criteria


Additional Info



A Human Resources Department

There must either be a:

·       Human Resources Department OR

·       Dedicated resource responsible for handling all HR Matters

These resources must possess

·       Working Knowledge of Employment Act 2000

·       Knowledge of the Human Rights Act 1981 more specifically as it relates to Discrimination




A communication plan that reflects clear and positive organizational values

·       The Company has a clear Mission/Vision Statement that reflect its values OR

·       Managers are clear on policies and procedures on how to support their employees; they have access to ongoing training that helps them spot signs of mental health issues.

·       New hire induction includes positive references to mental health procedures

·       General Awareness communication around Mental Health is provided across the company to normalize the topic and promote positive, preventative approaches to good mental health

·       CEO Pledge



Policies that support Mental Health

At least five of the following policies are in place

·       Anti-retaliation

·       Anti-discrimination

·       Workplace Violence

·       Open Communication

·       Safe working conditions

·       Recognition programs

·       Clear Job Descriptions

·       Training and Development

·       Parental Leave/Short-Term Disability leave

·       Performance Management and Recognition

Gold 10

Silver 7

Bronze 5

·       BMHF and BHRA can provide guidance on policy drafting



A Code of Business Conduct that includes a section on fair and equitable treatment and on discrimination in the workplace

Employer understands their legal obligation

·       Must be included in the Employee Handbook or Policy Manual




Policies that embrace work/life balance (by providing work options such as flextime, part-time hours, work-from-home arrangements, personal leave)

The employer should be able to demonstrate and refer to specific policies such as

·       Flex-time

·       Part-time hours

·       Reasonable hours/regular breaks

·       Work-from-home arrangements

·       Personal Leave




A respectful corporate culture free of intimidation, bullying, fear

The employer can demonstrate that

·       An internal Complaint Procedure is in place for any employee who feels they have been subjected to discrimination, intimidation, bullying etc.

·       Managers are prohibited from taking any retaliatory action against a complainant

·       No matter has been reported with the Labour Relations Dept nor the Human Rights Commission in the last three years




Confidentiality and Personal Information Protection policy

·       There is a clear structure in the organization for sharing sensitive information such as mental health




At least 5% of employees within the organization have completed the Mental Health First Aid Course

·       5% of employees have completed the course

·       BMHF will assist with enrolment in upcoming public training session

·       Minimum attendance  required for onsite training (TBD)



Managers have participated in Bermuda Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health in the Workplace course and or Stigma-Free Zone training

·       All existing and new managers are trained on mental health awareness




The Company has a Mental Health Champion

·       Appointed Mental Health Champion responsible for coordinating training and awareness initiatives.

·       This person must commit to having completed the Mental Health First Aid Course, Stigma-Free Zone session and Mental Health in the Workplace course within 1 year of appointment.


Task description:

·       Passionate about helping people to understand that mental health belongs to everybody by getting everyone to talk about mental health.

• Able to give time and resources to undertake meaningful activities that help people to change the way they think and act about mental health.

• Willing to engage colleagues constructively and positively when taking action to tackle mental health stigma encouraging others to do so too.

• Able to empower colleagues to share their experiences of mental health problems in the workplace and encourage them to become Champions too.



A wellness program is in place that includes initiatives that support mental health

The company has a formal Wellness Program in place or programs such as the following:

·       Gym membership subsidy

·       Stress Management initiatives

·       Corporate responsibility and/or volunteering programs

·       Office ergonomics accommodations (i.e. standing desk)




The company is registered with an Employee Assistance Program

·       Can demonstrate being a member in good standing of any one of the Bermuda-based EAP providers




A comprehensive Health Insurance which includes mental health and substance abuse programs

·       All employees must have unrestricted access to those benefits through the Company’s Health Insurance provider


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