Bermuda Mental Health Foundation is a Bermuda Registered Charity #394

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation to promote the preservation of mental health services in Bermuda and to provide resources that will assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorders.




Our Goals

• Raise awareness and combat stigma about mental illness, educating and campaigning to improve mental health services.
• To provide resources that will enhance the care and emotional support for people suffering with mental illness including support for families.



Our Objectives

• To acquire, organize and physically maintain a stock of communal residential facilities for people with identified mental health disabilities, to enable them to live and work in the community and enjoy a better quality of life.
• To encourage educational activities that develop public awareness and foster acceptance and integration of the mentally ill into the community.
• To assist and encourage the development of active community based support groups for the mentally ill and their immediate families.
• To act as a private advocate group for the rights and needs of the mentally ill in Bermuda.
• To eventually assist in the development of day center and sheltered occupational workshop facilities for the mentally ill who live among us within the community.